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Advanced character and paragraph formatting

  • Character styling: bold, italic, underline, sub/super scripting, vertical positioning, foreground and background color, character spacing.
  • Paragraph styling: horizontal alignment, left/right indent, first line indent, space before, space after, line spacing (constant and minimum), "prevent single lines" and "keep lines together" flow control options.
  • Paragraph borders and paragraph border colors.
  • Paragraph background color.
  • Tabs, tab positioning and different types of alignment and leaders for tabs.
  • Hidden marks that can be made visible/invisible.
  • Display and editing of dimensional values in 4 units (cm,mm,inch,point).

Paging and document formatting

  • WYSIWYG editing in page mode.
  • Normal, Page and Draft view modes.
  • Newspaper like multi-column page layout, with user-defined number of columns and spacing between columns.
  • Page setup: different page sizes, page margins and alignment
  • Header/Footer support. Different header/footer for each section of the document.
  • Print preview.
  • Zoom/zoomout capability in edit and preview modes.
  • Soft breaks (page, column and line).
  • Multi-section documents, allowing different column formats on the same page and across pages.



Save/load in various formats

  • Can save/load documents in RTF (RichTextFormat), ODF (Open Document Format) and in native XML formats
  • Copy-paste support for TXT, RTF, WMF, EMF and BMP.
  • Can save and load as XHTML (only JWord saved files can be opened)
  • Export To PDF (Requires Apache FOP in the classpath)
  • Export To XSL-FO (This can be use instead of direct PDF production. FO files can be converted PDF on the server side)

Advanced table support

  • Support for regular and nested tables.
  • Table styling includes borders, border colors, cell background colors, cell margins and cell spacing.
  • Easy to use table support provides various named table styles, allowing conditional styling of the cells. Conditional styling allows different styles for even/odd numbered row and/or column bands and also header/footer rows or columns. 84 preset table styles are available for use.
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment of text within a cell.
  • Cell merging (horizontal and vertical).
  • Row height setting in "Atleast" and "exact" modes.
  • Table horizontal alignment and left indent.
  • Mouse selection of table cells and sizing of borders.
  • Adding and deleting rows and columns to an existing table.
  • Support for proportional table/cell widths, which sets dimensions in percents of the occupied area similar to HTML tables.

Image support

  • Supported image formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, WMF and EMF.
  • SVG images are supported when native XML is used as save/load format.
  • Mouse controlled sizing of images.
  • Anti-aliased display of images.
  • Vertical alignment of images wrt base line.
  • Images in external sources can be linked instead of embedding.

Equation editing

  • JWord can be integrated by JMathEdit component to edit complex mathematical formulas within the document. In XHTML output equations can be converted to MathML, SVG or PNG.
  • JWord allows user to double-click the equation image to reedit with the equation editor.
  • Equations can resized like the images.
  • Equations are automatically aligned wrt to the baseline. Baseline alignment ratio is obtained from JMathEdit.

Rich set of control elements

  • Unicode symbols which preserve font-face and character code across style changes.
  • Fields with different display formats and data: Date/time, page no, page count, section no.
  • Hyperlinks

Powerful editing

  • Multi level undo/redo of edit actions.
  • Find and replace capability, in both directions.
  • Mail-merge (document merging) support; the data format and data table can be set both programmatically and through the GUI.
  • Drag & drop support.
  • Faster formatting through pop-up menu.
  • Mouse dragging of content.
  • Horizontal ruler which can display paragraph dimensions, tab positions, table borders in 3 units and allows user to change values.

Spell checker integration

  • Can integrate with third-party spell checkers and dictionaries
  • Automatic highlighting of spell errors
  • Word suggestion
  • Plugin style interface allows integrating custom or combined dictionaries, and also spelling services

Form fields & form processing

  • Creating form documents (templates) within your application and using form documents for collecting data.
  • Checkbox element for on/off fields.
  • Textbox element for text only fields (such as name, id etc).
  • Listbox (Dropdown) element for fields whose values are retricted to a limited set.
  • RichTextBox element for fields that can have rich text content (such as comments, descriptions, questions and content that includes tables, images etc).
  • Locking all elements other than form fields when the editor is in "Form filling mode".
  • Getting form data with a single API command in a name-value structure.

Named styles

  • Unlimited number of named character, paragraph and table styles.
  • Easy table styling using named table styles allowing conditional styling of cells. Conditional styling allows different styles for even/odd numbered row and/or column bands and also header/footer rows or columns. 84 preset table styles are available for use.
  • Inheriting style attributes from base style.
  • Definition of next paragraphs style.
  • Quick style support.

Bullets and numbering

  • 7 bullet and 5 numbering types.
  • Custom bullet symbols.
  • Bullet/number coloring
  • Numbered outlines upto 9 levels.
  • Indenting and spacing of numbered or bulleted text.


  • Easily create, modify, save/load documents programmatically through the Java API.
  • Many functions (e.g. create, mail-merge, load, save, print, export) are available in headless mode (without a graphics context).

Working environment

  • The Swing interface works on all environments where J2SE1.6 or later is available.
  • The JavaFX interface requires J2SE1.8 or later, and supports operating systems which are supported by JavaFX.

JavaFX Support

  • Support for JavaFX platform as a barebone text component (in a SwingNode)
  • Support for JavaFX platform as a fully decorated JavaFX frame. All the menus, toolbars, dialogs, popups are JavaFX controls which are defined in FXML files.
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