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JWord v4

Rich Text Editor for JavaTM (JavaFX and Swing)

JWord Rich Text Editor for Java
  • Lightweight
  • Platform independent
  • Extensible
  • Powerful
  • Royalty-free
  • Pure Java
  • RTF and XHTML in the same component
  • Both for Swing and for JavaFX


A Powerful Component For Various Applications

JWord is an advanced rich text editor component for the JavaTM platform (J2SE). With its rich set of features, JWord will power both your Java desktop and web based applications. JWord is lightweight, platform independent and powerful.
Your enterprise applications may benefit from JWord in many ways. Typical applications where JWord can be used are WYSIWYG word processing, report generation, mail-merge and content authoring. It's also possible to use JWord's functions without a graphic environment. Server-side services and batch processes can benefit JWord's format conversion, printing and rendering capabilities. All this functionality is added to your application with a lightweight and royalty-free text control, without the need for installation of huge office bundles which are hard to execute and automate externally. JWord helps you avoid installation, licensing and compatibility issues caused by such deployments.
JWord allows users of your applications to edit rich text documents (RTF, ODF, XHTML) in standard formats that are compatible with common office products. You can also generate, automate, modify and merge documents programmatically through the provided object oriented API. Yo can also extend JWord partially or completely and customize it to your needs. 

Also Works Under JavaFX

Altough the barebone editor is still a Swing component, the new interface provides JavaFX compatible dialogs, toolbars and menus. A fully decorated text editor is now available for your FX applications, both as a separate frame and as a component.

Rich Text Editor for JavaFX

Key Features

  • Advanced character formatting
  • Advanced paragraph formatting
  • Paging, multi-column layout
  • Header-footer and support for multi-section documents
  • Tables, nested tables, tables with irregular layout
  • RTF, ODF (OpenDocumentFormat) and XML save/load
  • XHTML save and load
  • PDF and XSL-FO export (Requires Apache FOP)
  • Conversion from various formats to others (RTF, XHTML, PDF, XSL-FO)
  • Spell checker and proof reader integration
  • Copy-paste (as WMF, EMF, RTF, BMP, TXT)
  • Vector and bitmap image support (JPG, PNG, GIF, WMF, EMF, PNG and SVG)
  • Fields, Symbols
  • Form fields and form processing
  • Named styles for character, paragraph and table elements
  • Quick styles
  • Bullets and numbering
  • Multi-level undo-redo, find-replace, drag- drop
  • Mail-merge
  • Extensible and customizable interfaces
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