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About Pilot Software

Pilot Software, Ltd. is a private software house located in Ankara, Turkey. Our software development team have expertise of PowerBuilder, Java, J2EE, C++, JSP languages and object oriented software development techniques.
Since founded in 1996, Pilot Software have completed a number of software projects for governmental and private organisations. The projects involved Client-Server or multi-tier architectures.
We have designed a professional testing system for the local market. The system covers test question bank, test evaluation and scoring, and online-testing modules. The test automation system is widely used in schools and other educational institutions in Turkey. An international version of the package is also available.
Pilot Software also develops utilities for internet programming and components for JavaTM and Swing. Among them are JWord, JMathEdit, SiteTester, IRun and IRun-J.
Please contact us, if you are searching for a professional solution-provider.
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