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OMR Software

Design, print, scan and read OMR forms with MarkReader. No need for expensive scanners and special forms.

Your ADF scanner and office printer is a complete testing center with MarkReader.

JWord v4


JWord is an advanced rich text editor for the Java platform (J2SE). With its rich set of features, JWord will power both your Java Swing based desktop and web based applications. Paging, multi-section documents including header and footers, tables, images, numbering, bulleted lists are among the features of this RTF and XHTML based editor. JWord works on XHTML, ODT (Open Document), and native XML files other than RTF, exports to PDF and XSL-FO, supports many bitmap (GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP) and vector (WMF, EMF, SVG) image formats and participates in clipboard actions. The lightweight control is also suitable for web based applications that require editing of XML, HTML or RTF based documents from within the browser. 

JWord has a web based interface (JWordWeb) too. You can compose real documents with a tiny JS library using JWordWeb.

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JMathEdit v2

Equation Editor for JavaTM


JMathEdit is an equation editor application available on desktop systems. It helps composing complex mathematical expressions with ease, generates appealing output and integrates with other applications.

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