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JMathEdit v2

Equation Editor for Windows, MacOS and Linux

JMathEdit Equation Editor for Desktop Systems

  • GUI driven
  • Works on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Easy to use and learn, no need to memorize scripts or tags
  • Customizable
  • Generates elegant output
  • Generates live LaTeX and MathML code as you type
  • Exports XHTML, MathML, LaTeX, SVG, RTF, PNG,EMF and EPS
  • Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign plugins (on Windows only)

JMathEdit is a visual equation editor that helps writing complex mathematical expressions with ease. Carefully designed GUI driven interface allows easy and quick composition of very complex mathematical equations, chemical formulas and other scientific/educational equations. Equation editing has never been so simple. The categorized toolbar provides many frequently used symbols, layout elements, fences, integrals, summation operators etc. You can use colors, customize spacing and layout, adapt different fonts to construct appealing academic material. Equations written by JMathEdit can be transferred to other applications via copy-paste in vector graphics, bitmap image or markup formats (LaTeX, MathML or XHTML).

JMathEdit is available for most of the desktop systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux distributions). Equations written by JMathEdit can be used in office documents, publishing software, web based content editors and many other applications that accept any of the output formats.

We provide single user, group and component licenses for JMathEdit. The component edition is a royalty free Java component that can be used in Java applications.

There is also a web edition (JMathWeb) now which is a tiny JS library that add equation edition to web applications.

The LINUX edition of JMathEdit is FREE, download the free copy from download page.

Download an evaluation

Key Features

  • Easy to use, learn and share
  • Hundreds of symbols, shortcuts to Greek letters and to frequently used symbols
  • Matrices, many fence elements, root and fraction elements
  • Stretchy arrows, fences and other symbols
  • Allows multi line subelements at each editable area
  • Large operators, such as integration, summation, multiplication, at normal and script sizes
  • Sub, super, over, under scripting, at many levels
  • MathML (embedded in XHTML) save/load
  • Live LaTeX and MathML code as you type
  • SVG, PNG, RTF and EMF export
  • Copy-paste support
  • Customizable font sizes, font faces and spacing
  • Easy styling using preset themes
  • Provides customizable shortcut keys to speed up typing
  • Multi-level undo/redo
  • Coloring
  • Zoom/zoomout
  • Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign integration

Full feature list is here


JMathEdit Application

  • Windows 7,8,10 64-bit
  • MacOS
  • Linux distributions

JMathEdit Component Edition

  • All platforms (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/200x server, Unix variants, MacOS's etc) where J2SE is available
  • JRE1.6 or more is required.
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