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Symbols & Operators

JMathEdit supports many symbols and operators:

JMathEdit symbols

  • Fences (paranthesis, brackets, braces etc) both as characters and also stretchy symbols
  • Fractions, roots, scripted fraction, long division, slashes
  • Sup, super, over under scripting
  • Stretchy arrows and over/under symbols
  • Spaces of different sizes
  • Stretchy long arrows
  • Large operators, sum, product, coproduct, logic and/or, all sub-super or over-under scripted
  • Accents (tilde, prime, ring, bar, vector etc)
  • Matrices
  • Characters of old book fonts (such as Fraktur)
  • Greek symbols
  • Math operators (comparators, set operators, inequalities etc)
  • Arrows
  • Function shortcuts (sin, cos, lim,...) with scripted and fenced versions



LaTeX output

  • JMathEdit can save to and load from XHTML format where MathML is embedded. This format is useful for adding equations to web based content editors.
  • JMathEdit has live LaTeX and MathML code generation feature. You can directly copy generated code and paste into the application that can handle the code generated. MathML code, for instance, can be pasted to Microsoft Word to create a native equation object. LaTeX code can be inserted into web content editors, LaTeX processors or other LaTeX sources. Online LaTeX or MathML processors (such as MathJAX) can be used to render generated code into SVG or HTML.
  • JMathEdit can export equations in RTF (including a single EMF), EMF, SVG, EPS and PNG. EPS, SVG and EMF are vector formats, wheras PNG is a raster format. EMF and EPS formats convert text to paths which makes it display on platforms where equation fonts are not present.
  • SVG output may be generated with webfont references. With this method, equations on the web will look the same on every platform.
  • JMathEdit provides Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign plugins for easy integration.

Customization & Styling

  • JMathEdit provides customization options for both the size and the spacing of individual element types.
  • Font, scripted font and large operator sizes can be customized.
  • Using predefined styles for plain text, numbers, functions and identifiers the style of equation can be modified easily.
  • Numbers and indetifiers are styled automatically if default style is selected.
  • JMathEdit can use fonts available in the system. For math symbols and large operators you can use system fonts that support math symbols or you can use fonts that are bundled with JMathEdit.
  • JMathEdit provides a number of themes (font combinations) that can be visually modified to appeal to user the most. Some themes are good for academic documents, some others are better for schools and teachers. Some themes are good for academic documents, some others are better for schools and teachers.
  • Parts of equations can be colored.

Equation editor styling


  • JMathEdit provides Cut-Copy-Paste feature inside the editor and with third party applications. MathML, EMF, RTF, PNG, BMP clipboard formats are supported.
  • JMathEdit supports multi level undo and redo.
  • You can zoom the view upto %800 to visualize the equation better.
  • Custom keyboard actions can be tied to elements or symbols to speed up typing.

Supported Platforms

Windows 7,8,10,Server (64-bit only), MacOS X 10 Tiger or more, Linux distributions (64-bit only)

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