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Pilot Assessment v5

Pilot Assessment is is a professional test assessment and scoring software.Pilot Assessment provides user friendly functions to setup your tests, acquire responses, calculate and report results. Pilot Assessment produces many statistical analysis which will help you improve education quality.

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* Windows 32/64-bit evaluation


User define scoring formulas with Pilot Assessment

  Grading using different distribution methods

Designed with flexibility in mind

  • User defined scoring formulas
  • Support for tests composed of single or multiple sections
  • Import/export data in standard formats (XLS,TXT,CSV,...)
  • User defined fields for tests, questions, students and other.
  • Support for multiple-choice, open-ended and mixed tests
  • Calculating cumulative scores out of previous test scores

Grading using multiple distribution methods

  • score limits: grade limits are determined by scores
  • bell curve: grade limits are determined by bell curve bands
  • percentile: grade limits are determined by percentile bands
  • frequency: student frequencies can be specified for each grade




Pilot Item Bank Pilot Assessment and MarkReader interoperability

Maximum productivity with Item Bank and MarkReader

  • author and print test booklets
  • scan and read omr forms
  • assess, score and report.

A complete testing suite. Integrated and productive.


OMR Data Import

  • Can import responses from both fixed length and delimited text files
  • Can import OMR scanner and OMR software (such as MarkReader) output.
  • Allows preprinting student and test information on optical forms as barcode, OMR and text.
  • Allows registering students to database before importing student answers.
Pilot Assessment reporting   Manage and report exam report with Pilot Assessment PRO

10s of reports and graphs

  • Customizable test results
  • Customizable result cards
  • Item and choice analysis, discrimination, difficulty, skewness
  • KR-20, KR-21, Croanbach Alpha, Spearman Brown parameters
  • Frequency charts and tables
  • Many charts and tables based on School, class, student vs course, topic, subtopic, outcome and skill summaries.

Manage Exam Rooms

  • Define a pool of rooms and physical locations with capacity
  • Allocate rooms for each exam
  • Distribute students to rooms via different methods
  • Report room lists, student entrance cards,etc.

As secure as you want

  • Function and category based acccess restrictions
  • Password protection
  • SQL database (Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASA)

Working Environment:

  • 32/64 bir Windows 7/8/10 or later.
  • 2 GB memory


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