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IRun, RTF Converter v1.23

IRun is a software component that can convert RTF documents conforming to the RTF1.5 Specifications to XML or HTML. IRun supplies two options for HTML converison, you can choose to include inline CSS elements to create better results, or you can exclude them to support older browsers.
The "irun.dll" component allows you to integrate IRun to your applications. With this component you can write batch conversion code, you can convert documents within server extensions and you can add conversion feature to your applications.
We can help you convert huge amounts of documents to internet within a short time, by developing custom software for your needs. Please contact us if you have huge amounts of documents that are waiting to take place in the internet. The project may involve indexing, table of contents generation, custom page styles and navigation and other custom needs.
IRun can handle most of the RTF features. Here is the list of features that are supported in the current release of IRun:
  • Paragraph formatting including border and background color
  • Character formatting
  • Regular and irregular tables, table borders and background colors
  • Embedded Images and OLE Objects
  • Symbols
  • Fields which have RTF results
  • Lists and list levels
  • RTF, Document, section properties
  • Styles
  • Bullets and numbering 
IRun can generate GIF images for WMF or EMF type of images or can leave the original image depending on your selections. You can change the generated image size by determining the DPI setting for the conversion process.
Since RTF and markup languages are not 100% compatible some features of the RTF specifications are excluded from IRun. Some features though, can be added in the later versions. Here is the list of features that are not included in IRun:
  • Embedded fonts, font extension files.
  • Style shortcut keys
  • Positioned objects and frames (including floating pictures and objects)
  • List override table
  • Revision marks
  • Foot-notes,end-notes
  • Compatibility options
  • User defined document properties
  • Associated character properties
  • Bookmarks
  • Indexed entries
  • Drawing objects (Shapes)
  • Table of contents entries
  • Embedded tables
  • Form fields 

What's new:

With the 1.18 release a new buffer calling interface has been introduced.
With the 1.05 release IRun is able to accept memory buffer I/O instead of files. Online and database related conversions are now possible with a better performance. 
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