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JMathEdit v1

JMathEdit is an equation editor component for the Java platform. Through the powerful GUI driven interface, very complex mathematical equations can be edit easily. The categorized toolbar provides many frequently used symbols, layout elements, fences, integrals, summation operators etc. You can use colors, customize spacing and layout, adapt different fonts to construct appealing academic material. Equations written by JMathEdit can be transferred to other applications via copy-paste in vector graphics, bitmap image or markup formats (MathML or XHTML). Currently JMathEdit is only available as an addon with JWord.    

Key Features

  • Hundreds of symbols, shortcuts to Greek letters and to frequently used symbols
  • Matrices, many fence elements, square root and division elements
  • Many integration, summation, multiplication operators at any size
  • Sub, super, over, under scripting, at many levels
  • MathML (embedded in XHTML) save/load
  • SVG, PNG, RTF and EMF export
  • Copy-paste support
  • Customizable font sizes, font faces and spacing
  • Multi-level undo/redo
  • Coloring
  • Zoom/zoomout


  • All platforms (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/200x server, Unix variants, MacOS's etc) where J2SE is available
  • JRE1.6 or more is required.
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JMathEdit is an equation editor for Java.

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