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JWord4 is released

A new version of JWord is out!

The new version of JWord Rich Text Edit Component is released. With the new version the following features are introduced:

Features added in version 4:

  • Form fields and form processing (form-fill mode)
  • Table styles
  • Quick preset styles
  • Custom bullet symbols
  • Bullet and number coloring
  • Wrapping field texts (for merge fields and info fields).

Features added in version 3:

  • PDF and XSL-FO export
  • Spell checker integration
  • Headless mode support
  • Table cell spacing
  • Linked image support
  • HTML5 compliant XHTML output
  • New toolbar shortcuts
  • Character spacing
  • Vertical ruler support
  • Proof reader integration

Features added in version 2:

  • Named styles
  • Bullets / numbering
  • Advanced paragraph flow control
  • Hidden marks display option
  • Tab leaders
  • Character up/dn positioning
  • Symbols, date-time, page no and some other fields
  • Vector image support: SVG, WMF, EMF
  • Table cell merging
  • ODF (OpenDocument),XHTML and native XML save/load
  • Mail-merge
  • Pop-up menu, mouse dragging of content, DnD
  • Print Preview
  • Both RTF and XHTML editing in the same component
  • Optional equation editor
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