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JWord v3.5.8 released

JWord v3.5.8 released

The new version of JWord Rich Text Edit Component is released. With the new version the following features are introduced:

Features added in version 3:

  • PDF and XSL-FO export
  • Spell checker integration
  • Headless mode support
  • Table cell spacing
  • Linked image support
  • HTML5 compliant XHTML output
  • New toolbar shortcuts
  • Character spacing
  • Vertical ruler support
  • Proof reader integration

Features added in version 2:

  • Named styles
  • Bullets / numbering
  • Advanced paragraph flow control
  • Hidden marks display option
  • Tab leaders
  • Character up/dn positioning
  • Symbols, date-time, page no and some other fields
  • Vector image support: SVG, WMF, EMF
  • Table cell merging
  • ODF (OpenDocument),XHTML and native XML save/load
  • Mail-merge
  • Pop-up menu, mouse dragging of content, DnD
  • Print Preview
  • Both RTF and XHTML editing in the same component
  • Optional equation editor
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JWord4 is released


A new version of JWord is out!

JWord is available for JavaFX


The powerful rich text editor is now available for JavaFX too!.

JMathEdit 1.04 released


JMathEdit 1.04 released

IRun 1.23 relased


There is a new release of IRun RTF converter (v1.23).The new release includes some bug fixes.