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Image scanner vs OMR Scanner

Optical Mark Recognition can be realized using both dedicated OMR Scanners and Image (document) scanner. Here is a comparison of two devices concerning OMR applications:


OMR Scanner Image Scanner

OMR Scanner

Image Scanner as OMR

  • Fast and accurate reading.
  • Proven technology tested and used over many years.
  • May present optional features special to OMR: Second output tray for forms with error,
    Interactive printer for printing application specific output on scanned forms
  • Very cost effective
  • Forms can be duplicated using office printers and copying machines.
  • Form and marker specs are more flexible.
  • May present more functionality: OCR, ICR and barcode reading, collecting image clips.
  • There are many alternatives (mark and model) for scanner selection.
  • Require strictly specified forms and markers.
  • Forms may expand/contract because of weather conditions, leading to incorrect reading.
  • Forms cannot be photocopied.
  • It’s not easy to design and print forms.
  • Not cost effective.
  • Requires professional maintanence.
  • Requires separate software for OMR processing
  • Too dark or too light prints or scans may cause incorrect reading. Adjusting sensitivity may be hard for the end user.


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